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How you can help

Become a donor

For information about becoming a donor please visit Donatelife Australia & Organ Donation New Zealand

Help in other ways



As a professional association, we work with a range of partners to promote donation and transplantation within the community and the healthcare sector. If you would like to help, please email us via Contact us. Please provide your full name, where you live and your contact details. Include information about the type of volunteer work you would like to be involved in, and if you have experience in that area of work/activity. We will contact you when opportunities are available.


EBAANZ retains a LinkedIn page for its professional communication. You may register your interest in joining this group via our LinkedIn account. Connect on LinkedIn
Share your story
EBAANZ welcomes members of the community to share their stories. Stories must relate to ocular donation for transplantation, research, or training. We welcome perspectives of potential donors, those whose loved one became a donor, and transplant recipients. Some stories may be used publicly in EBAANZ publications, websites, social media and/or campaigns. If you would like your story included in EBAANZ activities or you would like to be considered for media activities by EBAANZ and/or EBAANZ partners, please Contact us. Provide your name, where you live and the details of your story – in your own words. We will contact you if we would like to publish your story. At that time we may ask for a photo or further details.
Financial Donation

Help us to help you

EBAANZ is a non-profit organisation, and our member eye banks are non-profit organisations.

We Help Save Sight

We welcome financial donations of any value from individuals and organisations.

We Use Donations to Help People

These donations assist EBAANZ with a range of administrative, project and development activities.


What People Think About Us

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