Eye bankers working in EBAANZ Member Eye Banks are expected to participate in the continual professional development program of EBAANZ, and meet the expectations of an ‘Eye Banker’.

Definition Statement: What is an Eye Banker and who may use the term.

An Eye Banker is a trained professional responsible for the ethical, safe, and efficient recovery, processing, and distribution of human tissue for ocular application. An Eye Banker is employed within a facility that is licensed to provide these services, and acts as the custodian of the tissue throughout each stage.

Individuals may classify themselves as an Eye Banker if they have qualifications outlined by their eye bank and EBAANZ, and they maintain their practice in accordance with the EBAANZ Continual Professional Development (CPD) program and Code of Professional Practice.

Code of Professional Practice – for individual Eye Bankers v1 March 2016

National Competency Framework v1 March 2014