Medical and Quality Standards for Eye Donation and Eye Tissue Banking, Edition 2. April 2009

Medical and Quality Standards Section 8 Review Final Sept 2016

Medical Quality Standard Amended S12_FINAL ENDORSED ACCEPTED 2021

Bioethic Framework 2015

National Guidelines for hospitals, operating theatres and day surgeries regarding the care and handling of HTO 2016

Donor Selection Guidelines 2019


ICO – Donation Statement

GAEBA – The Barcelona Principles

TGA - Australian Code of Good Manufacturing Practice – Human blood, blood components, human tissues and human cellular therapy products, May 2013

TGA - Therapeutic Goods Order No. 85. Standards for human ocular tissue. May 2012

TGA - Therapeutic Goods Order No. 87. General requirements for the labelling of biologicals. July 2011

TGA - Therapeutic Goods Order No. 88 (Standards for donor selection, testing and minimising infectious disease  transmission). May 2013