Eye Bank Association of Australia and New Zealand

Eye Bank Association of Australia and New Zealand (EBAANZ) is a not-for-profit organisation, and the peak body for eye donation and transplantation services in Australia and New Zealand. EBAANZ is dedicated to helping restore sight, providing national and international leadership and standards for eye banking, and advocating for the eye banking sector by promoting the unique requirements of eye banks, and facilitating the sharing of information and expertise amongst EBAANZ Members.

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Our Mission

Listen, Act, Learn, Educate.

Support the Australian and New Zealand eye banks in the delivery of their services – with consistently high levels of quality, safety, proficiency and ethics – through representation, cooperation and education.

Our Vision

Our vision is to promote the significance and importance of donation to improve sight restoration.

Core Values

Quality, Innovation, Advocacy, Service & Collaboration.

Serving its members through the promotion of tissue safety, the setting of medical standards and through the provision of professional development;

To support collaboration and research into eye disorders and treatment, and encourage the advancement of eye tissue transplantation;

Communicating with government and regulatory agencies, and our partners, in donation and transplantation, to advance the field of sight restoration;

To provide a framework for the sharing and distribution of transplant tissue across Australia and New Zealand Eye Banks;

Promoting communication, cooperation, collaboration and sharing between Eye Banks within Australia and New Zealand, and wider through the Global Alliance of Eye Bank Associations.

Make an impact

How you can help save or restore someone's sight

Make your decision

It is your choice to become a donor. You can select to donate towards transplantation and/or research and training.

Register your interest

You can register your interest to donate in your country. Online registers help your family, next-of-kin and the health professionals know your wishes.

Australians can register their intent to become a donor, at any time, on the Donatelife-Medicare Donation Register

New Zealanders can find out more information from Organ Donation NZ 

Let your family know

Even if you have registered your intent to donate, it is important that your family and next-of-kin are aware of your wishes to donate. This helps them to ensure your wishes are met.

Make a financial donation

These donations assist EBAANZ with a range of administrative, project and development activities. Donate today.


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We continually experiment. We fail quickly and productively. We use data and feedback to guide our course.

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